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Not everyone wants or needs elaborate lash treatment. Some of us are born with naturally long, lush

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When your lashes are sparse or have partially fallen out, fill in the gaps with out eyelash refill


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Olesea Bordeianu


Owner And Master Technician at 
O&B Eyelashes


My name is Olesea I’m a master of the eyelashes salon “O&B Eyelashes – Extensions Lift-Tint”. Certified specialist with work experience of more than 4 years. Owns the technique of classic and volume extensiosn.

My specialization

  • Classic 1:1 extensions
  • Volume 3D/5D eyelash extensions
  • Lash curling(lift) and tint
  • Mink extensions
  • Silk extensions removal
  • Correction of eyelashes.

Toorak Specialist Eyelash Extension

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Happy client testimonials

I was extremely happy with my experience at O&B Lashes ! The service was excellent and results are fantastic. If you are looking to improve your eyelash look, this is the place!

Marina Levsky

They did a great job and my lashes look awesome. Also, my lashes lasted for more than a month. I definitely would come back here again.

Brittany Lee

Great place for lashes!! Olesea do an amazing job and take their time on you, helping you find what is the best options for your look.

Betty Gill

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