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Fill in gaps and easily maintain your lashes with professional eyelash refill services. Keep your lashes always looking lush and full with an Eyelash Refill in Melbourne.

Eyelash Refill Service in Melbourne

Touch up refills are an important way to maintain extensions to always attain a fuller look or when your lashes are sparse or have partially fallen out. Fill in the gaps and keep the lush lash look you want with eyelash refill services.

While your extensions look amazing, your natural lashes underneath continue to grow. Normal, healthy growth makes it necessary to refill extension lashes about every 2 to 4 weeks. An active lifestyle where lashes are exposed to heat, humidity, water, and sweat may bring you in sooner between beauty treatments. Eyelash refill services are also helpful to fill in gaps when your lashes are sparse or have partially fallen out. You choose the length, width, style, and type of curl. Add more volume, maintain healthy looking long lashes, or fill in the gaps. Eyelash refill in Melbourne by O&B, Eyelash Refill Services in Melbourne and eyelash extensions Melbourne provides you with the finest extensions and refill techniques.

While eyelash extensions appear permanent and last a long time, they won’t last forever. Not even the most well-done professional extension work will last forever. To maintain a full look without completely removing the extensions and starting from scratch, it’s important to understand lash refill services.

When you’ve had your lashes professionally extended, you’ve probably taken time to work with a specialist to determine how thick you want them, what length fits your style and what kind of curl you want to obtain. Once you’ve gone to the effort and taken the time to get it done right, it’s important to keep your lash line looking fresh. The best, fastest, and most affordable way to do this is to refill spots where the extensions begin to fall out.

Refilling lashes is an important part of semi-permanent eyelash extension maintenance. It’s also a fast and safe way to achieve a fuller lash look when improper care or do-it-yourself glues have left you with areas along the lash line that is bare.

A lash refill will fill in gaps to provide you with more volume. A refill is also going to cost quite a bit less than getting a completely new set of lash extensions. It will take less time to service as well.

To maintain a healthy looking eyelash style, you should seek fill-ins about every two to three weeks between brand new sets of extensions. The longer you wait between refill services, the more likely even more lashes will need to be replaced.

Instead of doing it all yourself by gluing a strip of fake lashes onto your lash line, professionally applied lash extensions are customised just for you to look real with small, realistic looking fill ins. Just like natural lashes grow and fall out, semi-permanent extensions will do the same. They usually last about six to eight weeks and then they will typically begin to fall out as your natural lashes grow. In between is the time to fill in the gaps with a lash refill that is professionally done in keeping with the look you worked to achieve.

Always make sure the salon that works on your eyelashes is reputable and sanitary. To maintain a lush, full, and beautifully healthy lashes look, it’s important to occasionally get an eyelash refill. Don’t trust your lashes to just anybody, though. Once you’ve had extensions done, it’s important to maintain that look with O&B eye lashes refill services which will keep you in style with eyelash refill services in Melbourne.

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I was extremely happy with my experience at O&B Lashes ! The service was excellent and results are fantastic. If you are looking to improve your eyelash look, this is the place!

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They did a great job and my lashes look awesome. Also, my lashes lasted for more than a month. I definitely would come back here again.

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Great place for lashes!! Olesea do an amazing job and take their time on you, helping you find what is the best options for your look.

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