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Enhance your own already healthy lashes with an eyelash Lift in Melbourne. This service is ideal for lashes that are naturally long but could use a boost with a long-lasting curl.

Eyelash Lift Service in Melbourne

Our eyelash lift technique starts with your own natural lashes. We then lift and create a curl that lasts. This procedure is perfect for those who have been graced with long eyelashes but would like them to display a more permanent curly curve. O&B Eyelashes offers an Eyelash Lift service in Melbourne.

Go natural with a sweet, full curl. It’s like getting a permanent wave treatment for your lashes without causing any harm to your eye or eyelid. The end result is the most natural way to lift your lashes with a nice full look.

Set aside your awkward eyelash curler that can actually cause damage when it pulls out your lashes as you try to enhance them with a curl. Choose an eyelash lift service instead. It only takes less than an hour for your consultation, lifting solution, setting, and conditioning.
Eyelash lift services is a wonderful alternative to eyelash extensions. It is meant to enhance your natural lashes. It is also a fantastic choice for those who want to take a brief break from extensions, have experienced an allergic reaction to former extension treatments or simply prefer to don a more natural look.

Regardless of whether it is your first time seeking a lift for your eyelashes or you are quite familiar with the process, O&B has got you covered. From the moment you walk into the salon, you will be pampered with one-on-one attention.

During the lash lift treatment process, your natural lashes will be lifted using specially designed silicon shields that give a chosen curl and protect your eyes and eyelids until your sweet new curl is ready to show off. The process lifts and straightens the lashes from the roots to create a more thick and voluminous lift of your own natural lashes. Your specialist will select the proper silicon sized shield to accommodate the length and volume desired for your individual existing lash line. The results will be long lasting and delightfully beautiful. Most lash lifts last about six to eight weeks.

Once the lash lift process is complete, you will be able to use mascara and eye make up of your liking without the need to use a lash curler every day. The results will put a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye to make your face irresistibly gorgeous.

The lash lift will help to define your curls and your natural lashes. The treatment is pain free, and many clients even find it relaxing.

Focus on an eyelash lift that emphasises designing your entire lash line and transforming it into a semi-permanent stylish look. The exact eyelash services in Melbourne that you choose will depend on your unique needs and desires. They are then bonded one at a time to your own existing lashes to create a fuller look that will last for weeks.

Eyelash lift services is a fantastic way to enhance an already healthy lash look. The lash lift will add thickness, length, and curl to your natural lash line.

O&B eyelashes specialises in semi-permanent eyelash lift services in Melbourne to work with your individual needs. Simply take one look browsing through the gallery of images from real clients to see for yourself, and then contact O&B for a consultation.

Happy client testimonials

I was extremely happy with my experience at O&B Lashes ! The service was excellent and results are fantastic. If you are looking to improve your eyelash look, this is the place!

Marina Levsky

They did a great job and my lashes look awesome. Also, my lashes lasted for more than a month. I definitely would come back here again.

Brittany Lee

Great place for lashes!! Olesea do an amazing job and take their time on you, helping you find what is the best options for your look.

Betty Gill

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