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Turn your natural eyelashes into a look that will last with a length, curl, and color of your liking. O&B Eyelash Lift & Tint in Melbourne is experienced and ready to boost your natural lash look.

Eyelash Lift & Tint Service in Melbourne

Naturally long lashes only need a boost, and  it makes your morning beauty routine easier when you add a tint while you’re at it. The treatment works by boosting and lifting each individual eyelash to help it reach its full potential. Once lifted, tinting begins to make them appear thicker with a darker, more dramatic look with no need for mascara. Eyelash Lift & Tint service by O&B in Melbourne gives your natural lashes a lifted boost and a curl that lasts with an extra tint of color.

O&B eye lashes lift and tint services in Melbourne is ideal to help you transform your natural eyelashes into a look that will last with a length, curl, and color of your liking. Eyelash Lift & Tint is a fantastic alternative to help boost your natural lash with a head-turning color and look.

Lash lift and tint services make your eye make up routine virtually maintenance free. Picking up that clunky, awkward eyelash curler and bringing it close to your eyes to crimp the lashes into a curl everyday doesn’t have to be part of your daily make up and beauty routine. Instead, consider a lash lift & tint that meets your style. You will also be able to shower, swim, and not worry about sweating that naturally occurs with everyone. Toss the worries about running mascara and dropping lashes that demand constant daily attention.

The lash lift will help to define your curls and your natural lashes. The treatment is pain free, and many clients even find it relaxing. Once the lash lift and tint process is complete, you will be able to use eye make up as you like it, but you won’t need to bother with messy mascara or the need to use a lash curler every day. The results will put a smile on your face and make your eyes sparkle even more.

Provide an extremely low-maintenance eye care. A lift & tint service is a fast and easy safe way to curl your lashes and give them a richer tint to stand out. The results typically last about six to eight weeks. That’s six to eight weeks of never having to think about curling your lashes. You will, however, still be able to go about your normal mascara or eye make up routine. Though, you will probably find that you prefer the look of your lashes after treatment without adding mascara.

The lift and tint process uses specially designed silicone lifting rods to create the type of curl and lift you want. Once the rods are in place, a gentle adhesive is applied to set your curl to last. While everything is being set, it’s a great time to add a tint to really make your lashes pop and make it so you won’t even have to use mascara as long as the lift and tint service lasts.

Don’t be surprised if people start looking you straight in the eyes and fixing their gaze with an impressive smile. After lifting your lashes with a silicone shield specially designed to give you the specific curl and length you desire, your lashes will look luscious, darker, and perfectly curled.

Your mornings will go much smoother as you wake up with lashes ready to go. You save on the need to curl or add mascara when you have the tint added to your lift service. The results are stunning and flawless.

Take a look through the gallery pictures that show before and after pictures of happy clients who have trusted O&B Eye Lashes with their eyelash lift and tint needs. Once you find a picture that appeals to you, contact O&B to set up a consultation.

Happy client testimonials

I was extremely happy with my experience at O&B Lashes ! The service was excellent and results are fantastic. If you are looking to improve your eyelash look, this is the place!

Marina Levsky

They did a great job and my lashes look awesome. Also, my lashes lasted for more than a month. I definitely would come back here again.

Brittany Lee

Great place for lashes!! Olesea do an amazing job and take their time on you, helping you find what is the best options for your look.

Betty Gill

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